My Story

“Wonder is the first of all the passions.” – Descartes, The Passions of The Soul, Article 53.

My magical story started with a book. When I was 10 my uncle gave  a simple book of magic. From that moment a new world of mine full of energy, miracle and harmony was discovered. Since then I have been investigating deeply  this mysterious field of conjuring arts. Surely, there are numerous inspirational moments  because this world is full of surprises and  unpredictability. Fortunately, there were particular people who supported me  at the beginning of my career path, and their input in my professional life is invaluable. Love towards performing art, process of creative work, feedback from the audience, going against the complicated rules of nature are my main motivators to create and perform. Being the vice-president of Union of Armenian Magicians, our mission  is to  fully develop this sphere. The result is our active participation in local and international festivals by bringing changes, entertainment, surprises, positive experience and excitement to people’s life.

Personally, I took part in many international events about conjuring arts and my awards will have immense contribution to the development of the magical field. I am trying to implement innovative approaches to provide diversity in performances and satisfy the public needs at the highest level. Thus, this magical world is also a professional basis for many conjurers who apart from entertaining the public can surely enhance their professional skills and become experienced.  In future I believe that constant development on this field will lead to success. So, I will do my best to provide the public with various inspirational performances to keep them interested and impressed.


“Conjuring is the only absolutely honest profession – the conjuror promises to deceive, and does.” Karl Germain

New York, United States
+ 1 917 497 7518
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